Why Claire Ursine?

Hi and welcome. This is my little Sims 3 stories page, all featuring one of my favorite Sims: Claire Ursine. She’s not the most popular Sim, honestly, but I really like her. I’m not sure why. Once I started playing her, something just stuck. I tried writing a legacy with her, but life got in the way and I had to stop. I’m working on some now. Just a warning: I have a life. I go to school (I am one or two semesters away from graduating), I have a job, I publish novels and travel around my area to promote my books, and I try to spend time with my friends and family. I will not be updating on a regular schedule. Please do not be cute and ask when the next chapter of any story I’m working on will be up. It will be up as soon as I can get it up, but note that these stories are not my primary objective. Frankly, it comes down to writing another chapter for one of these legacies or writing a chapter for one of my novels/spending time with my family/putting in extra hours at work, the legacy loses. These are just for fun.

With that being said. let me introduce you to Claire Ursine.

Claire Ursine, even by the game’s standards, is not a nice person. She’s hot-headed and a kleptomaniac, she is a criminal, and has been known to be an all around “not nice” person when left alone. She’s also pregnant with her first child by her neighbor and ex-boyfriend, Jared Frio. Jared is not much better and the two argue whenever they meet (at least, they do when I’ve seen them). As on par with many pre-made Sims, Claire’s fashion sense leaves much to be desired.

But, as I said, I felt drawn to her and I like playing her. I’m going to do a few legacies (moving at a snail’s pace if I’m lucky, a dead snail’s pace if I’m not). The basic descriptions of what I plan to do are below. I’ve started one and am currently writing up the first few chapters. I will try to publish when I have at least three chapters written, in case I hit a busy time.

  1. Build me a Mansion: The objective is to build a specific mansion over the course of ten generations. Most of the plot comes from what I see or can manipulate during the game.
  2. Modified Rainbowsy: No Berry or Rainbow Sims, sorry. The idea was taken from one of the first instances of the Rainbowsy I saw back when I started playing the Sims 3 around 2010. Instead of rainbow colored Sims, I start with Claire’s favorite color (brown) and decorate her home only in that color. When she marries, that Sims favorite color is added. The idea is to use all the colors of the rainbow by the end of 10 generations, each time the heir marries a new favorite color, and have a colorful house.
  3. Marry all the Monsters: A very simple legacy. For each generation, marry a “monster”. Vampire, werewolf, fairy, genie, witch, imaginary friend, plant sim, ghost, Sim, and possibly one made up. I did put Sim in there because I ran out of monsters.
  4. Own the Town: Start from nothing and, in ten generations, own every possible property in town.
  5. Fairy tale Legacy: I had done this one once without Claire. Basic idea, each generation follows a fairy tale. I like using more obscure fairy tales beyond the common Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty varieties. I may or may not also add a retelling of each one so the reader is familiar with what I had tried to recreate.
  6. Klepto Challenge: While not a legacy, this is one of my shorter game plays. Basically, Claire must move to an empty house and furnish it with stolen goods. Luckily she has the kleptomaniac trait.
  7. What if Claire was…: Play Claire as a supernatural creature, such as a fairy, vampire, or witch, with one of the special life time wishes associated with these. Again, this might be a short play.
  8. Growing up Twinbrook: I often have Claire’s backstory being that her family was from Twinbrook and moved to Sunset Valley on money won in court after a factory accident. This idea is basically what if she stayed? I’d have to create Claire’s parents and her child self and play in Twinbrook. This may or may not become a legacy.

Again, do not ask when a new chapter of which ever story will be out. I will only get to them as I get to them. While I understand wanting new chapters fast when you discover a story you like, I can only work on this when I have time. Thank you.